Team History

Founded in 2004 by Bob Galgano and Gerry Wolfe, FRC Team 1100 has been proudly serving students from Algonquin Regional High School and surrounding communities for 15 years.

More Than Robots

Mechanical Engineering


Every year, we design, build, and test a brand new robot in just 6 weeks! Under the leadership of professional engineers, we give students a great opportunity to have a challenging, hands on experience using real design concepts and tools.

Software and Controls


In addition to designing and building our robot, we also program it from scratch using the Java language. We use an XBox Controller and Joysticks to control our robot during competition, in addition to various sensors and automatic programs.



We build our robot from scratch using 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Milling Machines, and other metalworking tools. Students are led by a former professional machinist to assure their safety and efficacy at all times.

Social Media and Outreach


To have an impact in your community, communication is key! We use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep in touch with our students and fans, as well as spreading the word about our outreach events.

Strategy and Operations


First Robotics Competition is just that, a competition. To have the best chance to succeed, we study and analyze each game before deciding on a robot design, and use unique strategies for each of our matches during competition.

Awards and Recognition


FIRST gives out a number of awards and honors to participating teams at competitions. In the past, we have won awards for our Designs, Creativity, Team Spirit and Outreach Efforts.

Our Mentors

Bob Galgano


  • Profession: Energy Engineering Consultant
  • Roles on 1100:
    • Lead Mentor
    • Strategy and Operations
  • Joined 1100: 2004

Dan Strickland


  • Profession: Applied Arts Teacher
  • Roles on 1100:
    • Lead Mentor
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • FTC
  • Joined 1100: 2004

George Clarke


  • Profession: Applied Arts Teacher
  • Roles on 1100:
    • Manufacturing
    • Video Production
  • Joined 1100: 2004

Mark Hecker


  • Profession: Computer Engineer
  • Role on 1100:
    • Facilities
  • Joined 1100: 2009

Timothy Wig


  • Profession: Electrical Engineer
  • Role on 1100:
    • Electrical and Controls
  • Joined 1100: 2015

Jason DesMarais


  • Profession: Test Engineer
  • Roles on 1100:
    • Manufacturing
    • Website
    • FTC
  • Joined 1100: 2008

Thor Smith


  • Profession: Network Software Engineer
  • Role on 1100: Software
  • Joined 1100: 2017

Mike Mullinax


  • Profession: Data Analyst
  • Role on 1100: Media
  • Joined 1100: 2019

Manisha Rajaghatta


  • Profession: Biomedical Engineer
  • Role on 1100: Awards and Outreach
  • Joined 1100: 2019